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Hi there! My name is Blythe, and I'm a eighteen-year-old with Dysautonomia, specifically Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I also have chronic headaches, Benign Hypermobility Syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, and dysthymia. This is my health-only blog; my main is aceprouvaire. I also have a fashion blog called amiafairyprincessyet, which is by definition a disabled fashion blog.

I am telling you now because I want you to stop telling girls and women with disabilities that we’re broken, that we need prayers, that we’re burdens, that it’s okay if someone hurts us because “they’re probably just stressed” from having to “deal” with us, or that we’re pretty “for a girl in a wheelchair.”

Stop Telling Me That I’m Pretty for a Girl in a Wheelchair: How Your Words Contribute to Violence Against Women with Disabilities

very powerful. please read the entire essay. tw for abuse and assault against women with disabilities. 

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tw for murder too, discusses Robert and Tracy Latimer but not by name.

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You would think people have never seen a handicapped 20 something with blue hair and a cane walking around before.

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I think what a lot of people need to realise is that most doctors don’t actually give a shit about helping people.

I went to a grammar school for a few years (before I dropped out lmao) and they really encouraged people to go into medicine because it’s seen as a respectable, well-paying profession. Most of the people who wanted to be doctors wanted to do it for the money and the title, not because they were striving to help sick people.

There are some good doctors, there are some helpful doctors, but the majority do it out of obligation, not out of a need to help people, which is pretty fucked up. 

And a lot of people seem to think that doctors are unquestionable sources of information, which is a really dangerous attitude to have. People attack self-diagnosers because they haven’t had years of medical training, which is not only really classist and ableist but also kind of laughable because even with their expensive special ~medical training~ doctors get shit wrong all the time. But it seems people would rather attack sick ignored teens than rich abusive, negligent doctors.

Please stop acting like people have to have a piece of paper from some rich prick to be disabled. And this applies to neurodivergent people as well, I just talked mostly about sickness because my own bad experiences with doctor were regarding my illness.

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Help Me Keep My Lights On


Hello friends, followers, I want to start by thanking everyone again who helped me keep the lights on last month, in all I received over $200 in donations, with that and help from family and a loan we were able to raise enough to pay half the bill but the other half still needs to get paid. I was able to take care of this month but if we miss any payments the agreement that was made with the power company is void and the lights will go off. Next month is going to be very hard due to the fact that my father will be having knee surgery. 

It was suggested that I should make a gofundme page so here it is, if you could signal boost, donate, reblog, anything, it would be greatly appreciated. MIIGWECH (thank you).

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A note: sick girls and sick boys, you deserve someone who loves you NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ILLNESS IS. Not “in spite of being sick” but because of who you are, because YOU ARE AWESOME to them no matter WHAT.

Anesthesia is not optional


I need surgery to get several of my molars removed, due to reasons. The good news is that Medicaid is going to pay for the extractions. Hurray! The bad news is that there’s a good chance that the anesthetic for the procedure won’t be covered.

Apparently the state doesn’t think it’s necessary for me to be sedated while I get twelve teeth pulled. No biggie, right? I guess I’m just a wuss or something.

I don’t have a job, and I don’t have any other way to obtain the money to pay for the anesthetic. I don’t have anything I can offer to people who donate. All I can do is throw myself on the mercy of the internet and hope for the best.

There’s really nothing else I can do at this point. I didn’t want to have to beg on the internet, but I have no other options. If you can’t donate anything, please at least reblog this post.

Edit: Donations also accepted through Paypal: ketsundere (at) zoho.com. They won’t show up on the nifty GoFundMe tracker, of course, but I’ll compensate for that by reducing the goal amount by however much I receive through Paypal.

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Help 2 Non-Binary Girls Get By




Things have been very rocky recently and we have had an overall shortage of resources, pretty much just enough to occasionally function, but overall recently we been having trouble, having been needing to focus spending on basic needs we have been unable to get a lot of basic self care done like we need, such as laundry or replacing old razors, new tooth brushes ect.

We need help pretty bad right now and anything helps, its two people living off of this and whatever we can arrange outside but this is at times central to getting by.

If you can send paypal donations to maxiebutch@gmail.com or click here

We both appreciate all the help you can give us and thank you for anything else that you can send our way.

Donate and signal boost, thank you.

Hey everyone, our outside resources are pretty much other broke disabled queers who can’t really help much, who need help themselves. We’re tryin hard to get by but can barely (or not) get out of bed, especially without food n meds. Being chronically ill not just makes the most basic self care hard, but fucking expensive too :/ 
thank you to everyone for yr help, it means a lot

Irl plans keep falling through and we are essentially broke at the moment please help

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