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Hi there! My name is Blythe, and I'm a eighteen-year-old with Dysautonomia, specifically Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I also have chronic headaches, Benign Hypermobility Syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, and dysthymia. This is my health-only blog; my main is aceprouvaire. I also have a fashion blog called amiafairyprincessyet, which is by definition a disabled fashion blog.



Have you ever just been going through your day and then slammed with the thought that:
Wow this isn’t actually going away. I’m actually going to be dealing with this forever. I will be in pain forever. And then the weight of that thought is in the back of your mind weighing you down while you try to hold conversations or pay for your groceries.

Don’t forget the ‘will it get worse?’

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that awkward moment after you make a joke and laugh about your illness only to realize that everyone else around you is quiet and looks uncomfortable.

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tdubcrazy asked: Hi my name is Taylor i am 16 and i have dysautonomia /pots for 4 years now and it has been just horrible for the past year i was wondering what u take for pain or tiredness my doctor is Dr Banks and he isnt doing anything so i need help anything would help!

Well I also go to Dr. Banks and he was incredibly helpful for me, so I dunno what’s going on with your situation.

I don’t really take anything for tiredness.  There aren’t really any medications for that, and some of the medications I’m on may actually make my fatigue worse.  The only medication I know of that works for tiredness in POTS is droxidopa, which Dr. Banks can’t get ahold of until September.  I know this because I spent hours wrangling his office staff (who do kinda suck) only to have the appointment fall through three days beforehand because they can’t even get the medication.  You may be able to tell that I’m still bitter.

For pain…  Okay so there is something weird going on with me and pain.  Either I have a high pain threshold and am used to pain, or I’m resistant to low-level pain medications.  It takes 800 mg of Advil to do anything to me, and even then it’s pretty slight.  I take Aleve every day to reduce inflammation in my shitty hip, which indirectly reduces my pain.  But when I’m actually in pain I have to take prescription painkillers—my drug of choice is Tramadol.  It’s a controlled substance because it’s a little bit addictive (I don’t take it every day) and it’s basically the lowest level of scary painkiller you can get.  I really like it and I hope I don’t ever develop a resistance, because I can actually function while I’m on it.

Think Twice Before Confronting Drivers in Handicapped Spots






Beware when reading the comments - some are awful and full of trolls, but some are stories and opinions from people who deserve to be heard - people who have been harassed in parking lots because they didn’t “look the part.” MIND YA OWN BUSINESS, FOOLS. If I’ve got a tag up and I’m not limping or in a wheelchair, that doesn’t mean I’m not in goddamn agony.

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i feel like there needs to be a word for accidentally wasting spoons. like if you start a task that shouldn’t be that bad but it turns into a huge energy waster.

like you decide to walk somewhere instead of taking public transportation, and there’s a sudden street closing that makes you have to walk way out of your way.

a mis-spoon? a spooncident?

an accidental spooning? no, that sounds wrong.

any ideas?

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